Innocent Man Cleared of Murder

Watch S.W. fresh out of law school successfully defending Dahson Iraldo in his first murder case!

Dawson Andrews

Mr. Andrews was seized without cause and subsequently arrested. Upon being confronted with overwhelming evidence that Mr. Andrews should have never been approached by the police, the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office continued in its prosecution of Mr. Andrews. S.W. was able to convince the judge that the case should be dismissed!

Taneisha Bishop

Ms. Bishop was the victim of a hasty and sloppy investigation which ultimately led to her arrest on very serious charges. After a more thorough investigation at S.W.’s behest, all of her charges were dropped.

Caleb Wolfe

Mr. Wolfe made a mistake but S.W. was able to get him a second chance! S.W. has worked tirelessly during his career to make sure everyone gets the same breaks in the criminal justice system that Mr. Wolfe received.