Special Matters Attorney in Norfolk, Virginia

Attorney S.W. Dawson with client

Not all legal matters fit nicely into a certain category.  Attorney Dawson occasionally represents clients on matters that require a great deal of specialized attention.  Examples of such matters may include:

  • Seeking to have a loved one or friend released from prison.  Attorney Dawson has successfully advocated for clients who have been wrongfully incarcerated through the filing of a Writ of Habeas Corpus or a Petition for a Pardon from the Governor.  You may have options you didn't know you had.
  • Either defending against or prosecuting civil claims for monetary damages.  Attorney Dawson has successfully represented clients involved in business disputes, property disputes, malicious prosecution lawsuits and constitutional rights litigation.
  • Domestic Relations and Family Law.  Perhaps no area of the law is more contentious than matters surrounding marriage and the custody and/or the monetary support of children.  Attorney Dawson has successfully represented clients all over Virginia when the stakes are at their highest.