Asset Forfeiture Attorney in Norfolk, Virginia

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Is the Government Trying to Seize Your Assets?

S. W. Dawson regularly represents clients all over the United States in battles to recover assets seized by law enforcement. If you believe the government hasillegally seized your assets, turn to Dawson, P.L.C. for effective representation.Attorney Dawson relies on years of experience to complete any paperwork andguide you through the asset forfeiture process. When you need a competentattorney to help you in or out of court, call S. W. Dawson today to schedule yourconsultation.

Don't give up your assets without a fight

Are you embroiled in a legal battle that involves your assets? Dawson, P.L.C. is home to a seasoned legal advocate who is committed to providing first-rate legal services. Before your property is seized:

  • The state must show the property was involved in a crime
  • The state must identify the property being seized so any owners can come forward

To defend you, attorney Dawson will work hard to convince a judge your property wasn’t involved in a crime or that you didn’t know the property was used in a crime. Attorney Dawson will take an in-depth look into your legal matter and explain the steps he’ll take to retrieve your assets. Call Dawson, P.L.C. today to make an appointment in Norfolk, VA. Although headquartered in Hampton Roads, Attorney Dawson has successfully represented clients in asset forfeiture cases all over the United States.