Teen shot by Portsmouth police officer awarded $200,000 settlement.

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Rapper Acquitted in Federal Jury Trial of Gangland Slaying -- February 2020

An amateur rapper, actor and filmmaker from Portsmouth was convicted Thursday on federal racketeering charges involving a 2014 gangland homicide.

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Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney Drops Yet Another Murder Charge -- March 2020

Norfolk prosecutors dropped murder charges this week against two men accused of gunning down a young father in the fall.

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Watch S.W. Dawson in Courthouse Interview After Murder Charges Dropped -- March 2020

During a preliminary hearing in Norfolk on Wednesday, all charges against Stewart were noelle prossed. That means prosecutors currently do not have enough evidence to move the case forward but can bring those chages back if more evidence is presented.

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Sister cleared of orchestrating Chesapeake slaying, but brother is convicted of murder

A jury cleared a woman of charges she arranged for her brother to kill her ex-boyfriend during a child custody dispute. But the same jury convicted the brother of murder.

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Charges dropped in Norfolk murder case

“It indeed was a classic case of self-defense,” said Williams’ attorney S. W. Dawson.  “That’s why I believe the Commonwealth moved to drop all the charges today just three days before my client’s speedy trial clock was set to expire.”

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Defense Attorney Analyzes NSU Student Arrest Case

Watch S.W. opine on the legality of a Norfolk police officer’s use of force.

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Dawson Represents Teen Victim in Case of Police Excessive Force

Read More: http://wtkr.com/2015/09/28/virginia-beach-teen-plans-to-sue-police/ 

Norfolk Millennials Call on Lawmakers to Decriminalize Marijuana

S.W. thinks we’ve got bigger fish to fry in Norfolk than busting kids for smoking joints.  It’s time to focus on the things that really matter!

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New suspect indicted in 2010 slaying of Norfolk barber

A man was indicted Wednesday in the fatal shooting more than three years ago of an elderly barber in his shop, a killing in which charges against a previous suspect were dropped.

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New suspect indicted in 2010 slaying of Norfolk barber

NORFOLK — A person accused of murdering a barbershop owner who later had charges against him withdrawn, filed a lawsuit claiming false arrest.

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Norfolk sailor’s grand larceny charges to be expunged

Norfolk, Va. – A Norfolk judge has signed an order to expunge a Norfolk sailor’s criminal record, erasing any trace of nine felony charges linked to the November 2012 burglaries at Iowa Estates near Naval Station Norfolk.

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Norfolk man guilty in accidental shooting of friend

An 18-year-old who accidentally shot his 17-year-old friend while they were high and playing with guns pleaded guilty Thursday to involuntary manslaughter, according to the prosecutor’s office.Kaleel Spencer Mayhan will be sentenced July 19. There is no agreement for sentencing, according to Amanda Howie, spokeswoman for the commonwealth’s attorney’s office.

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Woman, 70, claims Chesapeake police violated rights

“Mrs. Davenport wants to ensure by filing this suit that no one has to endure ever again what she was forced to endure at the hands of the police,” said S.W. Dawson, Davenport’s attorney. He argued the officers violated his client’s Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful seizure.”

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